If you are a guy who unconfident and shy , this blog is for you

Do you feel insecure, anxious and doubtful when you surround by woman ? You even tried to play gentle , grab some jokes, act like an alpha man. Unfortunately, even worst, girl think you are weird and silly.

begin to feel sorry for yourself and think, “ Am i going to be alone in this whole life?”I know how that feel, I have been there before. Don’t get wrong, I am not a heart broken kid turn to a pickup artists and selling you some cheesy dating course

I was just a normal guy who had some difficulty  with woman but after few year practice, Now,  have a stable relationship and do not feel any anxiety with the woman.

I know there are many good guys  out there who  too shy to the woman, and they trying to buying a lot of useless materials , using some lame pickup line, even force himself act cool. However, there are nothing return, no girls, no sex, no self-esteem. (Woman knows that kind of tricks)

In this blog you will find some information for free. All those things i have personally tried and  worked well to me.

To be honest, No every shy guy can turn themselves as an out going+Alpha man+ play boy.( its depend on many issues). However,I am sure some habbit and mind set can change your behaviour subtly . GIRLS will find your attractive because when you act natural and be more confident.

I will keep post some free and useful materials in this blog, i am sure you can have benefit from here






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